Sales solutions for transformation One of the key benefits of working on assignments with Queens Square Associates is the access to compelling and market winning solutions.  These are available directly through QSA or can be utilised by interims who set strategy in assignment, but need additional delivery to achieve their requirement. QSA through identify2 have accurate and targeted data on the UK b2b marketplace and can align that with key interim sales delivery. You therefore have a better chance of delivering the strategic aim when contact data is matched to contact delivery and execution. We have that key dataset and the ability to make that work in sales delivery.  We support: Outbound tactical contact. Delivering email, direct mail and direct phone contact with defined target audience. Appointment setting and sales conversion services. Running outsourced and internal sales teams. getting the right people in the field and the generation and delivery of full life sales cycle for your or your clients business.  Scalable improvement with calibre individuals.
Sales are the lifeblood of an organisation. Sometimes when an organisation needs to improve  sales and sales resource it is not available at the management team level. Sometimes an organisation is not attractive enough for the calibre of sales person required to deliver the necessary sales transformation. So compromise, compromises delivery. This service is delivered in conjunction with Our Aim: Better Focussed Sales
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