Procurement cost reduction As a senior interim director in assignment you often have issues for which you require discrete trusted solutions.  The prime example being manufacture or supply chain cost reduction. We have proven ability and facility to come into an organisation, working to your brief, and free up valuable cash flow and revenues tied up in inefficient processes, procurement and supply chain management. For organisations in distress this may be not just advantageous, but the only way to buy time for the wider change agendas to have a chance to deliver. For larger organisation cost inefficiencies may be so embedded into the business the only way forward is via external eyes and assistance. Working on a percentage of savings can also work in all parties favour in making sure the revenue advantage is fully paid for by the delivery. We aim to deliver knowledge transfer of the systems and approach for ongoing benefit after our quick hit benefit. Call now for informal and confidential discussion.  
Procurement cost reduction frees up cash flow to invest in transformation, That mean that you can achieve more with your limited time and budget. Support.  Helping you deliver winning client improvement and change. Our Aim: Better focussed use of resources and finance. Some of the benefits: Rate reduction Supply chain contract renegotiation Lean and Q.A.  compliance Contractor confidence.
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